Below are the five original musical releases by Leonard Nimoy. Click on each album see and read more about each release.

The Touch Of Leonard Nimoy

Artistically, this is Nimoy's greatest album. The arrangements are incredibly well done and the songs showcase Nimoy's voice quite well. It's obvious that this LP was a labor of love for both Nimoy and arranger / conductor George Tipton. Thirty-seven years after its release in 1969, it has become a tribute to the decade in which it was made. The songs are full of optimism (I Search For Tomorrow), political awareness (Piece of Hope), and lost loves (Maiden Wine, A Trip To Nowhere).

Nimoy wrote two outstanding songs on this album. Maiden Wine is a classic folksong, that if performed by the likes of Cat Stevens or Art Garfunkel, could have easily become a standard. Nimoy's songwriting also shines on Piece Of Hope, a beautifully written song about a dream of a land where people didn't know of "sorrow, hate or loneliness". Billboard Magazine called the song a "highlight" of the album.

Stand out tracks I Search For Tomorrow, Maiden Wine, I Think It's Gonna Rain Today, A Trip To Nowhere and Piece of Hope.

1. I Search For Tomorrow (Evans-Parnes) Listen
2. Maiden Wine
(Leonard Nimoy) Listen
3. Now's The Time (Val Stoecklein) Listen
4. Cycles (Gayle Caldwell) Listen
5. I Think It's Gonna Rain Today (Randy Newman) Listen
1. I Just Can't Help Believin' (Mann-Weil) Listen
2. Nature Boy
(Eden Ahbez) Listen
3. Contact (Nimoy-Tipton) Listen
4. The Man I Would Like To Be (Nimoy-Tipton) Listen
5. A Trip To Nowhere (Cymbal-Costa) Listen
6. Piece Of Hope (Leonard Nimoy) Listen

Dot Records DLP 25910
Producer: Charles R. Grean
Arrangers and Conductor: George Tipton
Engineers: Thorne Nogar and Dave Wiechman
Cover Photography: Tommy Mitchell
Art Direction: Christopher Whorf
Year Released: 1969

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