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The Way I Feel

Nimoy stepped away from his character of Spock on this album. Except for a small picture of Spock in the upper left corner of the LP (placed there no doubt by record executives eager to hang onto the Star Trek franchise) there are no science fiction or Spock themed songs. Only the spoken word tracks, Consilium and Where It's At loosely tie into Spock, and even that is debatable.

The album is consistently arranged. Gone are the Broadway show tunes and outer space effects. Nimoy delivers poignant folk songs addressing the Vietnam War (Billy Don't Play The Banjo Anymore) and hits of the day (Sunny and Both Sides Now).

It's unclear if Nimoy played guitar on any of the tracks, but his songwriting was definitely holding its own up to veteran songwriters, and Please Don't Try To Change My Mind and Here We Go 'Round Again were released as singles.

Stand out tracks: I'd Love Making Love To You, Please Don't Try To Change My Mind, Here We Go 'Round Again and The Hitch-Hiker.

1. I'd Love Making Love To You (Hod David) Listen
2. Please Don't Try To Change My Mind
(Christopher-Nimoy) Listen
3. Sunny (Bobby Hebb) Listen
4. Where It's At (Cy Coben) Listen
5. Both Sides Now (Joni Mitchell) Listen
6. If I Had A Hammer (Hays-Seeger) Listen
1. Here We Go 'Round Again (Evans-Parnes) Listen
2. Billy Don't Play The Banjo Anymore (Randy Sparks) Listen
3. It's Getting Better (Mann-Weil) Listen
4. Consilium (Nimoy-Grean) Listen
5. Love Is Sweeter (John Hartford) Listen
6. The Hitch-Hiker (Somerville-Belland) Listen

Dot Records DLP 25883
Producers: Charles R. Grean and Tom Mack
Arrangers: George Tipton, Charles R. Grean, Ray Pohlman, Bill Stafford
Engineer: Thorne Nogar
Cover Photography: Fred Poore
Cover Assemblage: Ron Wolin
Art Direction: Christopher Whorf
Year Released: 1968

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