Below are the five original musical releases by Leonard Nimoy. Click on each album see and read more about each release.

Two Sides Of Leonard Nimoy

Nimoy's second album was released shortly after Mr. Spock's Music From Outer Space, only this time Nimoy was allowed to perform songs that may be considered unfitting for a Vulcan.

Side one picks up where the first album left off. In many ways, it's a more fully realized collection of songs. Highly Illogical is a fun novelty song about the tediousness of human life on Earth while Spock Thoughts delivers a rewriting of classic 60s wisdom. Amphibious Assault explores the futility of war. The remaining tracks show Spock's softer side; his struggle between being human and Vulcan.

Side two is an eclectic mix of novelty, pop, country and love songs. The Ballad Of Bilbo Baggins had a super-cool video That has become quite the talk of the Internet.

In 1976, MAD Magazine did a fantastic Star Trek musical parody. Check out the library for their version of Spock singing A Vulcan's Life Is Nothing But A Grind sung to the tune of Gentle On My Mind.

Stand out tracks: Highly Illogical, Spock Thoughts, The Ballad Of Bilbo Baggins and Cotton Candy (On A Summer Day).

1. Highly Illogical (Hertz-Grean) Listen
2. The Difference Between Us (Cy Coben) Listen
3. Once I Smiled (Nimoy-Grean) Listen
4. Spock Thoughts (Roddenberry-Grean) Listen
5. By Myself (Dietz-Schwartz) Listen
6. Follow Your Star (Hertz-Grean) Listen
7. Amphibious Assault (Williams-Grean) Listen
1. The Ballad Of Bilbo Baggins (Charles R. Grean) Listen
2. Cotton Candy
(On A Summer Day) (Cliff Ralke) Listen
3.Gentle On My Mind (John Harford) Listen
4. Miranda (Bart Howard) Listen
5. If I Were A Carpenter (Tim Hardin) Listen
6. Love Of The Common People (Hurley-Wilkins) Listen

Dot Records DLP 25835
Produced by Charles R. Grean and Tom Mack
Arranged and Conducted by Charles R. Grean
Engineer: Thorne Nogar
Photography: Wm. R. Eastbrook/Grant Photography/Del Hayden
Design: Sandy Dvore
Year Released: 1968

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The back of the LP has the following liner notes about each song:

1. Highly Illogical
Spock's reactions to some earth-behavior.
2. The Difference Between Us
Could Spock ever feel hidden, deep, emotional love problems? Could he react as a human in a romantic situation?
3. Once I Smiled
Once Spock's emotional barriers were broken down, and for a short while he tasted a bitter-sweet romantic experience.
4. Spock Thoughts
Some excellent vulcanian advice and philosophy.
5. By Myself
As "alien" to the planet earth, Spock is not always completely at home, and feels his loneliness at times.
6. Follow Your Star
Aim high in life. Make your goal a star and follow it.
7. Amphibious Assault
A surrealistic battle of the future. Will war come to this?

1. The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins
Long an admirer of the "Hobbits", Nimoy sings of the adventures of the bravest Hobbit of them all.
2. Cotton Candy
A modern, thought-image in musical setting, written by one of the camera crew of the Star Trek series.
3. Gentle On My Mind
The kind of song that Nimoy personally loves to sing.
4. Miranda
A lovely Bart Howard song in a classic-folk tradition.
5. If I Were a Carpenter
Another "modern" folk song, sung by Nimoy in an unusual rhythmic setting.
6. Love of the Common People
A song that Nimoy enjoys singing on personal appearances, since it reflects his own philosophy.

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