The library is divided into three rooms: Newspapers, Magazines and Bibliography. The newspaper articles are reproductions from the Los Angeles Times and are presented as best as the source material allowed. The magazine articles are reproduced at high resolution from the original source material. The bibliography lists the source material used in writing the essay for this site.




Books and Magazines

"I Am Spock" by Leonard Nimoy
16 Magazine
Co-ed Magazine
Tiger Beat Magazine
Flip Magazine
Fave Magazine
TV Star Parade
TV Radio Mirror

Newspaper Articles

The Los Angeles Times
The San Francisco Chronicle
The New York Times
The Ottawa Citizen
Billboard Magazine

LPs and CDs

Voices of Vista LP set
Spaced Out! CD
The Five Original Leonard Nimoy LPs


Internet Movie Database
Randy Wood: The Dot Records Story
The Guardian Unlimited
The Leonard Nimoy Album Page
Shadowgram Online
The Official Leonard Nimoy Fan Club
The Italian Star Trek Club: Accademia Vulcaniana

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